Meet Dr. Kristi

Dr. Kristi’s journey to become a holistic veterinarian began at a young age. As a child in Texas, she decided to become a veterinarian and worked her whole life to reach that goal. She attended Texas A&M University for undergraduate and veterinary school, and graduated with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. She has practiced in Dallas, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and now in Denver, Colorado. Her family includes her husband, 3 children, 2 dogs, a cat, and a bearded dragon lizard.

Searching for Answers

After spending the first 10 years of her career practicing entirely conventional veterinary medicine, a family health crisis shifted her focus. In 2011, her husband, all 3 of her children, and even the family cat developed various serious and chronic illnesses. Together with her husband, they searched the world over to try to understand why their young family was so sick. They delved deep into understanding the root cause of disease, causing them to make big changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Kristi’s search for answers also lead her to notice a change in the health patterns of her patients over the years she spent in the veterinary field. She felt that if she could become a more holistic veterinarian, her patients would be healthier and happier. In 2017, she took a year off of practice for training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for animals through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.

Her Own Health Journey

In 2018, Dr Kristi received her own diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer. She believes she developed this cancer 7 years prior, when her whole family was also sick. Dr Kristi utilized integrative medicine for her own treatment, combining the best of Eastern and Western medicine for complete healing. She underwent 5 months of chemotherapy, surgery, and 32 rounds of radiation, as well as, supporting her body and immune system with holistic medicine. Today she is thriving, and so thankful for all that she has learned in her healing journey.

A Holistic Veterinarian Approach

Because of her personal journey, she changed her entire approach to veterinary practice, and began resolving health problems in patients she had been treating for years. She learned to look for the root cause, and utilize integrative healing modalities to address the underlying problems, rather than solely treating the symptoms.

Dr. Kristi believes health goals for all animals can be achieved by finding a balance between conventional and holistic medicine. She offers complementary healing modalities like nutrition therapy, infrared/cold laser, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, Ozone, Acupuncture, herbal medications, natural supplements, and behavior modification. She tailors her advice to the specific needs of your pet.

HOPE for All Pets

HOPE Healing for Animals is a dream come true for Dr. Kristi. It is an opportunity to truly practice her passion. She can provide a holistic health plan for people looking to provide long-term health for their pets. Plus, she can offer a different perspective for pets with chronic conditions. She strives to give pets quality of life, renewing their energy in mind, body, and spirit. She believes there is always HOPEOur bodies and our pet’s bodies are MADE to heal, and it is our job to provide the tools.