Pet End of Life Care

One of the most difficult times for pet parents is facing the end of the journey with their life companion. At HOPE Healing for Animals, we provide options to extend your pet’s quality of life for as long as possible. By incorporating several different healing modalities that can rejuvenate aging pets, we can often provide additional months and years of quality time that would not have otherwise been possible. We understand that each person and each pet’s journey is unique. We work together with pet parents to meet the goals and needs of each individual situation.

Pet End of Life Care

When the time comes to say goodbye, our wish is to provide the most pleasant and peaceful passing in a stress-free environment; whether that is in your home or at our office. We consider all pets as family, and treat them as we would our own with the utmost compassion every step of the way.
At HOPE Healing for Animals, it is our desire to provide the best possible support to your pet and your family during this difficult time. With that in mind, we offer the following end of life care services:

In-person and virtual consultations to help you with this difficult decision process.

Palliative care plans to help support the comfort of your pet in the final stages of life.
Compassionate, in-home or at office, euthanasia services.

Coordination with Lasting Paws for cremation services (a beautiful and respectful crematorium).

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