PATIENT Consent, Boundaries, & Policies

  • HOPE Healing for Animals is a Small Business, owned and operated by Veterinarian Dr. Kristi Wilson.
  • We care deeply about the health and well-being of our patients. However, to preserve the health and well-being of our staff, we must have appropriate boundaries. Therefore, we are not able to provide services outside of normal business hours.
  • We consider a risk vs benefit ratio for everything we do at HOPE Healing for Animals. We do everything we can to carefully evaluate the pets brought into our care and discuss options with each pet parent. However, please keep in mind that there is no treatment, procedure, medication, supplement, or otherwise that is completely risk free.
  • We see many patients that have already tried conventional practices for healing without success. HOPE Healing for Animals is able to provide a different perspective for veterinary care. Please be aware that we are not conventional practitioners. If you bring your pet to our practice, you are expecting to receive alternative, integrative, and holistic veterinary medical practices.
  • Holistic healing often takes longer than conventional practices. Our goal is not to suppress the symptoms, but rather to treat the root cause of the problem. This requires more time and energy upfront, but often reaps greater long-term rewards for health.
  • We sometimes offer “last resort” modalities for treatment of pets who have no other reasonable options for care. In theory, these options should be helpful, but they are not backed by substantial evidence or clinical trials. We do not know if or how your pet will respond.
  • We use energetic tools in our practice, such as bioresonance testing. Energetic tools have not been backed by large amounts of funding and clinical trials so they are not supported by traditional western or allopathic medicine. These devices embrace the principles of quantum physics and are considered alternative treatments or experimental.
  • Our passion is healing. Our plan for each patient is unique and tailored to that individual. If at any point you are not comfortable with our recommendations, please express your concerns. Healing is a partnership with pet parents. If our plan does not work for you, we will not pressure you to continue.
  • For emergent care (like sudden illness or injury), please have a plan in place to use a local animal emergency hospital, veterinary urgent care, or general veterinary practitioner. HOPE Healing for Animals is not equipped to handle emergency services.